AFL Grand Final,

AFL Grand Final

Excitement and enthusiasm turns on most Aussies when the AFL grand final is right around the corner. Australian football league, in short called as AFL is one of the largest and most loved annual events in Australia. With the real pepped up applauses and cheering from the crowd, the Melbourne cricket ground turns into a real sporting landscape filled with loads of sporting thrill and fun.

The AFL grand final is the first among the most loved sporting events which record highest attendance of the soccer lovers as well as metropolitan television audience.

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 Sat 28 Sept

Football has become significant to the culture and traditions of Australia. Following the interstate expansion of the Victorian football league in the 1980s, the National AFL competition has come into existence in 1990s. Several sports reports created by various authentic sources have concluded that the AFL grand final has grabbed the “most loved sporting event” title in Australia.

Traditionally, the AFL grand final event is held on the last Saturday of September every year at the Melbourne cricket ground. However, in 2011, the event is likely to be held early in October due to the addition of the extra two rounds after the formation of the new team. The final series games will be scheduled for three weeks starting September 2011 with 24 rounds.

The sports event has been selling tickets like hot cakes for over two decades now. While the AFL grand final holds the “largest sporting event” title, sports lovers find it really troublesome to grab the chance to obtain some tickets from the limited tickets that are open to the general public. So, sports lovers Australia wide compromise and watch the big event on television.  The AFL grand final 2011 will surely be a game with super sporting spirit while each of the players have strong urge to gain a victory.