SA School Holidays,

SA School Holidays

The autumn school holidays in South Australia are in the month of April, winter holidays in the month of July, spring holidays towards the end of September and summer SA School Holidays are taken towards the end of December.

SA School Holidays Term Dates

The SA school holidays are declared for about a fortnight after each of the first three study terms and one month after the fourth study term.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
2013 29 Jan-12 Apr 29 Apr-5 Jul 22 Jul-27 Sep 14 Oct-13 Dec
2014 28 Jan-11 Apr 28 Apr-4 Jul 21 Jul-26 Sep 13 Oct-12 Dec
2015 27 Jan-10 Apr 27 Apr-3 Jul 20 Jul-25 Sep 12 Oct-11 Dec

Southern Australia’s school going children are exposed to various cultural and social events that are held during the School holidays SA.

The school goers residing in SA have an opportunity to enjoy their SA School Holidays to the best possible level as almost all the best states of Australia are best accessible to them.

While the New South Wales is rich in heritage with 800 national parks, Victoria is a sporting hub and also has hundreds of beaches on the 1200 mile long coastline. On the other hand, Tasmania holds various cultural events each year around the island. Most school goers show great enthusiasm to go to this place to watch the amazing events and make the best memories of their school holidays SA. Apart from these wonderful places, the Australia capital territory also has large area of national park which is densely covered with mountains and forests.

Therefore, it is an advantage for the children to be the residents of Southern Australia. All wonderful tourist destinations of Australia are easily accessible for them to enjoy each and every day of their school holidays SA.