Public Holidays,

Public Holidays

A well planned get together or a super shopping spree are successful only when you are sure of being off work. Well! To put it in a clear sense, Australian public holidays are considered as the best days for a get together, a visit to a friend’s house or a super shopping spree to relish your senses and relieve yourself from the work pressure that you undergo every day. However, apart from fun-filled holidays, there are some public holidays that are declared with a strong reason behind.

The following days are public holidays under the National Employment Standards:

Public Holidays State 2013 2014
New Year’s Day All Tue, 1 Jan Wed, 1 Jan
Australia Day All Sat, 26 Jan Sun, 26 Jan
Australia Day Replacement All Mon, 28 Jan Mon, 27 Jan
Labour Day WA Mon, 4 Mar Mon, 3 Mar
Adelaide Cup Day SA Mon, 11 Mar Mon, 10 Mar
Labour Day VIC Mon, 11 Mar Mon, 10 Mar
Eight Hour Day TAS Mon, 11 Mar Mon, 10 Mar
Canberra Day ACT Mon, 11 Mar Mon, 10 Mar
Easter – Good Friday All Fri, 29 Mar Fri, 18 Apr
Easter Monday All Mon, 1 Apr Mon, 21 Apr
ANZAC Day All Thu, 25 Apr Fri, 25 Apr
May Day NT Mon, 6 May Mon, 5 May
Western Australia Day WA Mon, 3 Jun Mon, 2 Jun
Queen’s Birthday All except WA Mon, 10 Jun Mon, 9 Jun
Bank Holiday
(not a pub hol)
NSW & ACT Mon, 5 Aug Mon, 4 Aug
Royal Queensland Show QLD (Brisbane) Wed, 14 Aug Wed, 13 Aug
Queen’s Birthday WA Mon, 30 Sep Mon, 29 Sep
Family & Community Day ACT Mon, 30 Sep Mon, 29 Sep
Labour Day QLD, NSW,
Mon, 7 Oct Mon, 6 Oct
Melbourne Cup Day VIC Tue, 5 Nov Tue, 4 Nov
Christmas Day All Wed, 25 Dec Thu, 25 Dec
Boxing Day All Thu, 26 Dec Fri, 26 Dec

Public holidays are the holidays declared by the Government and are less likely to change. Most public holidays are those days that hold great significance with respect to certain situations that have happened in the Nation during the past.

Additional public holidays can also be provided under state or territory law. For example, regional public holidays that apply only in a specific area, state public holidays for Labour Day and Melbourne Cup Day in Victoria.These days may be substituted for another day under state or territory law, by agreement under the terms of an award or agreement, or between an employer and an award / agreement free employee.

For more information about public holidays in your state or territory, you can contact your relevant state or territory department below. Source

State State Department Contact number
Victoria Business Victoria 1800 287 287
New South Wales NSW Government 131 628
Queensland Fair Work Ombudsman 13 13 94
Northern Territory Office of the Commisioner for Public Employment (08) 8999 5511
Western Australia Department of Commerce 1300 655 266
South Australia SafeWork SA 1300 365 255
Tasmania Tasmania Online 1300 366 322
Australian Capital Territory Office of Regulatory Services (02) 6207 3000

Unlike the festivals like Christmas that are however considered significant, public holidays also include certain days like Anzac day that commemorates the sacrifice that military troops did to win the battle during World War I.

Not all public holidays are meant to celebrate. Some of them are to commemorate the strength of people during certain sacrifices, defeats, struggles, pain and unhealthy incidents.

Public holidays like Mother’s day or Father’s day are meant to celebrated parenthood. This day should be made the best day in the lives of parents. Though a day isn’t enough to convey the gratitude towards parents, it is declared at least to make people realize the importance of parenthood, the struggles parents face and the sacrifices they do to raise their children.

A deep thought on the declaration of public holidays reveals the necessity. At least a single day is devoted and dedicated to those who deserve commemoration. Otherwise, with the busy schedules in life, people hardly find any time to remember those who sacrificed their lives and pay a tribute to them.

Public Holidays 2013

2013 is a fun-filled year for most people. Future plans, developments and moving forward with a positive attitude seem to be the core objectives of this year. 2013 also looks like a nest of long weekends as most public holidays 2013 seem to be just before or after the weekends.

Usually the public holidays 2013 observed in each of the states or union territories of Australia are common but some states or territories have regional public holidays which turn out to be an added advantage to that particular place.

The states and territories of Australia that follow the common public holidays 2013 are the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

The commonly shared public holidays 2013 among the states and territories of Australia are on the New Year’s Day, Australia day, Good Friday, Easter, Anzac day, Queen’s birthday, Labor Day, Christmas day and Boxing Day.

Each of the states and union territories of Australia have additional public holidays 2013 declared by the regional authorities. These additional holidays are given on priority basis. Additional holidays can be the following days after the New Year’s Day, Christmas day, Easter, Boxing Day etc.

The declaration of additional holidays usually happens when two special occasions fall on the same day. Unlike this, both the original and official birthdays of the Queen of Australia are public holidays.

What-so-ever is the reason, thanks to the additional holidays, people really have fun-filled time with family and friends on these days.

The websites that showcase the list of public holidays 2013 seem to be the highest visited websites as the citizens Australia are thrilled by the many additional holidays along with the long weekends. This is no less than a holiday jackpot for the fun awaiting people.

Unlike 2012, the year 2013 doesn’t seem to be a year of long weekends. Interestingly, this year can be called “the year of mid week breaks”. Most of the public holidays 2013 fall really close to the weekend as they seem to fall on either Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday.

Out of all the public holidays 2013, the most important days of a year, New Year’s Day and Christmas Day fall on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

Public holidays 2013 seem to have not many additional holidays. Apart from the additional holidays attached to the Easter, there seem to be no more additional holidays for 2013.

The Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia share the common public holidays 2013.

Just like any other year, the Australian states and territories share common public holidays 2013 like New Year’s Day, Australia day, Good Friday, Easter, Anzac day, Queen’s birthday, Labor Day, Christmas day and Boxing Day.

Though the public holidays 2013 don’t really allow people to enjoy long weekends, they certainly motivate the citizens to participate in commemoration programs with respect to various special occasions. People don’t really tend to participate in commemorations on a weekend. So, this can be considered as an opportunity to share, realize, recognize and remember the sacrifices that have been endured. Apart from this, a holiday for Christmas and New Year adds lots of enthusiasm if it is on a week day.

Mid week breaks are of course fun-filled ones as people get to relax after a short work schedule. A day or two at the work place and a holiday for refreshment and again a day or two at the work place and the weekend is there to add loads of fun!